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Luke 6:27-36 | Love Your Enemies

What does it mean when Jesus asks us to love our enemies? The idea sounds true and good and beautiful, but the reality is so hard. Is Jesus being good to us when he asks us to endure hostility from others? Listen as Dave walks through the who, what, why, and how of loving our enemies.

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Luke 6:17-26 | The Beatitudes

Jesus begins his first big block of teaching in Luke with, "Blessed are you who are poor, hungry, sad, and hated... Woe to you who are rich, full, glad, and liked." Jesus' Beatitudes are both famous and baffling. This is not normally how we would describe blessing. What do they mean and why do we need them?

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The Birth of Jesus (Luke 2)

When something is beautiful; when it’s beauty overwhelms us; when we know where treasure is, we drop everything and we run to it. When you are desperate for a savior and you know you can find one in Jesus, you run. You make haste. You do not delay. Nothing else matters. Nothing is as important in that moment as getting to Jesus. That’s what the Shepherds did when Jesus was born. Will we also make haste to meet Him?

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