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San Francisco OUTER CIRCLE

Originally part of InnerCHANGE, San Francisco’s Outer Circle is an organization devoted to the house-less community in Golden Gate Park and the Haight. Since 1998, the Outer Circle has been entering into relationship with people who live outside.


slow heart records

The Tenderloin is one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in San Francisco. It is steeped in poverty, drug abuse, and social displacement, but is also a hotbed of creativity in the city. Slow Heart has the opportunity to strategically live at a crossroads of affluent, budding artists and those dwelling in brokenness. To both communities, Slow Heart can serve as a beacon of hope by being mindful and present, choosing not to outpace or dismiss those in need.



There are approximately 50 strip clubs in North Beach of San Francisco. Strip clubs are often one of the least-reached domains of a city, with little access to the church or the gospel. Imagine if for every single one of these strip clubs there was a small group of Christian women who would enter the strip clubs and bless the girls, serve the girls, build true relationships with and share the love of Jesus. This is a lofty goal but our prayer is that God would do this work over the next several years.



external ministries

In addition to our internal efforts, Citizens also supports individuals and churches carrying out God’s mission around the world. We do this in obedience to the biblical call to generosity and to the Great Commission, which tells us make disciples locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.


Lynae Byler (Because Justice Matters)
John Stiefel (missionary to the poor)


Realm Church (Oakland, CA)
The Parish Church (Petaluma, CA)
Story and Table (Fremont, CA)


Soma Family of Churches
Sojourn Network
Missio Dei (Phoenix, AZ)


Jesse Leightenheimer (Lyon, France)
Ervin Mittelmann (Slovakia)
Todd Moore (Soma International)