Citizens Gathering RoleS


Thank you for serving at Citizens' public gatherings! As a church family, we are working to develop a culture where our all of us are using our gifts to build up the body each week. Our desire is for all of us to serve in ways that fit our unique giftedness AND to be discipled as we serve in ways that we may not particularly love. Since we're still a small church plant, we want to be aware of the serving roles that you prefer & think you would flourish in, but also ask that you would be willing to serve in areas that might be a bit of a stretch for you.

Along the way, please give us feedback about serving roles; we want to provide as much support and training as possible! Feel free to email Georgia ( with any thoughts or questions.

So that we have an idea about your giftings & preferences, please mark 1-3 for each role:

3 : I like this! It's feels true of how I am gifted & how I prefer to serve. (don't worry - we won't schedule you for it every week!)

2 : This is okay. I'm willing to do it every now & then.

1 : I don't like this very much. I could do it if no one else could, but it would feel pretty hard.

Our goal in having a public gathering is to extend the same measure of hospitality and warmth that people feel at our smaller, more intimate gatherings. If possible, we would want people to forget that they're at a church service and think that they're in a home. ‣ ‣ ‣
Role: Outside Greeter
This role is more than just saying hi to someone & directing them to the entrance ; it’s peoples’ first impression of our church culture! We're expressing joy that they're here, asking them their name, finding out how they heard about us, etc… It’s ok to be brief since there are other people coming in, but also try to be warm and personable! Maybe you’re really good at short, quality interactions with people - if so, this could be a great role for you.
Role: Inside Connector
This role is the next level of connection beyond the outside greeter. Just inside the worship space, this person is looking for people who are coming in from outside, in order to make that next level, deeper connection. This is a conversation that could last all the way up to the start of the service. It involves more than just getting to know their name and how they got here. It involves finding out who they are, where they’re from, what they're passionate about, etc. This connecting role involves thinking about who new people should be introduced to in our community, based on their interests, vocation, location in the city, etc. in order to get them connected with a Missional Family. It’s also helpful to discern if new people would want to meet with C.J., Dave, or another church leader to learn more about our vision. If you like longer conversations with fewer people, this could an ideal role for you.
Role: Coffee Hospitality
We believe that rich fellowship often includes food & drink! We want our gathering space to be a welcoming environment for anyone: friends from the street & park, families, etc. and coffee can add a warm touch. We partner with Flywheel Roasters on Stanyan Street for our coffee. This role involves picking up the coffee from Flywheel on Sunday morning (along with the cups, lids, creamer, and sugar that Flywheel gives us), and bringing it to the gathering.
Park Walkthroughs
Usually before the first & third Sunday gatherings, a few people walk through the Panhandle & the front of Golden Gate Park to chat with friends who are homeless and share socks & cigarettes. This is one way that we practice being present with our neighbors who live outside.
So much of a welcoming environment is intentionally facilitated behind the scenes. These important roles help things run smoothly for everybody! ‣ ‣ ‣
Role: Lyrics Coordinator
This role is for operating the projector slides for lyrics and graphics during the service.
Role: Sound Coordinator
Each week we need someone who has experience & skills running the sound board to facilitate sound for our worship rehearsal and service. This role includes mixing audio, recording the sermon, and helping with set-up for the soundboard, speaker, and stage.
Role: Elements Set-up
This role is for acquiring the communion elements, setting them up before the service, and cleaning them up afterwards.
Role: Physical Set-up
This role will include multiple people and involves setting up and putting away tables, chairs, outside A-frame signs, and children's ministry bins.
We want to have a gospel-centered vision that is extended not only through our hospitality and liturgy, but also through the way that we engage with kids at our gatherings! We desire for each child present to feel safe, loved, encouraged, and empowered, from the first interactions at check-in to the activities, lesson, and music during the service to the moment of their parents picking them up. ‣ ‣ ‣
Role: CitiKids Teacher
This role is about facilitating meaningful & fun times of engagement for every child. We use a curriculum called the Gospel Story with our kids, which includes activities, a scripture lesson, discussion, games, and prayer. Teachers will be sent the curriculum before the gathering to be able to prepare ahead of time.The children's helper will stay in the service through the first worship set, and then they & the helper will take the Kindergarten & up kids into the classroom.
Role: CitiKids Helper
In addition to assisting the teacher, this role is the initial greeting for families, and helps parents and children feel welcome and cared for! We use Planning Center for check-in's, through typing in the child’s name and printing a uniquely-coded label sticker : one for the parent and one for the child. The children's helper will stay in the service through the first worship set, and then they & the teacher will take the Kindergarten & up kids into the classroom.
Role: CitiKids Playground Helper
This role is relatively low-key and great for people without a lot of experience with kids. After the first worship set, the playground helper and the sitter take the kids outside to the playground — playing first with the preschoolers and then, separately, with the K-3 kids.
Role: Baby Helper
This role involves caring for our under-1 year-old kids. Teachers and helpers can hold babies too, but often an extra person is needed to help out. The babies generally play with toys and hang out on a mat in the playpen.
‣ ‣ ‣
Role: CitiYouth Leader
All of our youth who are 4th grade and above gather with us in main service each Sunday. It's important to us that our kids begin to connect with the greater body of Christ from a young age. On the 3rd Sunday of the month, during the sermon, a volunteer takes the 4th-grade-and-up kids out somewhere within walking distance to talk through the New City Catechism for that week. All of the curriculum is provided, and mostly it's just a time for one of our adult members to invest in the lives of our youth.
At Citizens, we believe that the entire service should communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ -- including our content, atmosphere, and structure. This is most powerfully achieved when the gospel is winsomely delivered by a diversity of people. We do not want to be a one- or two-man show. We want a variety of people singing, reading, and leading from the stage -- people of different genders, races, accents, classes, and abilities. Anything other than this is an inadequate picture of the rich diversity & complexity of the kingdom of God. ‣ ‣ ‣
Call to Worship
We worship because God mercifully invites us to worship. The person who leads the Call to Worship is responsible for beginning the service -- asking people to sit, welcoming them to Citizens, and then extending God's invitation to worship to all (usually with Scripture). The focus of the liturgy will be prepared along with the pastors, in light of the day's particular sermon text.
Scripture Reading
This person reads the passage of Scripture on which the sermon is based. This role is a great starting-place for a lot of people, because it doesn't require any extemporaneous speaking or engagement with the crowd. And yet, the Spirit promises to move mightily when God's Word is read. We would love to have many members share in this important role in our service.
The benediction is a blessing for the road. Based on the call of the sermon, this person charges the congregation to carry their faith in Jesus with them out into the world.
Our services depend on a diverse team of gifted individuals leading the congregation in worship and praise. God created us to sing what we believe. He gave us minds, hearts, and bodies that are moved by visual and musical art. And he created the world with diverse sounds and styles to be used for his glory. People on this team, most importantly, need to love worshipping God and love leading others in worship. Secondly, these team members need to be appropriately gifted in music -- instrumentally and/or vocally. When scheduled, they also need to prioritize and participate in a time of practice/preparation with the team (usually 2 hours before the service start-time). ‣ ‣ ‣
Instruments and/or Vocals
If interested in & led towards the Worship Arts Team, please share your giftings, experience, skills, preferences, etc. in the next section (Thoughts & Questions)!
What concerns do you have? What are you excited about? Is there a role that seems confusing to you? If you are a musician, what instruments do you play? We'd love to hear from you!