Living Missionally

This past Sunday we talked about “Living Missionally”. The “Apostolos” or “sent ones” Jesus talks about in Luke 10 shows that we are all missionaries. There is no place we currently are that God has not sent us to proclaim and embody the gospel and the kingdom. Jesus gives us a road map for missional living in this text. He tells us to go wherever we are sent (job, school, neighborhood) and to find a “Person of Peace”. A Person of Peace is someone who:

1. You speak a word of blessing to. You express your favor on them; their hopes, their dreams, their flourishing. The word “eirene” here simply means, “to wish well”.

2. Receives and reciprocates the blessing. Simply put, you like them and they like you. There is ease in the relationship. These are people who do not know Jesus but are drawn to you because The Spirit lives within you.

3. You serve and they also serve you. Jesus tells us not only to sacrificially serve People of Peace, but to also find a way in which they can serve us in return. Alex Absalom says in The Viral Gospel, "Mutual service puts people on equal footing”. When we let someone serve us, we are signaling to them that we do not think we are better than them.

4. You remain faithful to. As long as a Person of Peace is responding to your blessing, and reciprocating service, Jesus wants you to remain patient and long-suffering. It may take a long time to see fruit. You may question or wonder why He has you in that relationship. Remain steadfast.

5. You offer healing and gospel proclamation. We are called to identify areas of brokenness in our Person of Peace. Do they need relational healing? Emotional? Physical? Spiritual? We offer prayer, and also a model of new, healthy, loving relationship. Jesus then wants us to open our mouths and proclaim the gospel. “All of the blessing and service I have bestowed on you is a result of the work that Jesus did on the cross”. It is critical that we not only exhibit the gospel in our deeds, but also with our words.

6. If they reject you, you move on. We will be rejected in San Francisco. People will hate the gospel itself, and perhaps hate us because we believe and proclaim it. Jesus calls us to move on when someone does not receive and reciprocate our blessing. There is someone else who needs to see and hear the good news.

Some helpful resources:
The Viral Gospel – Alex Absalom [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Total Church – Steve Timmis
The Celtic Way of Evangelism – George G. Hunter III

C.J. Bergmen