Worship Service – 2060 Hayes St.

The first 3 Sundays of every month

Why only twice a month?

We absolutely love gathering for corporate worship. We recognize that most people are used to gathering consistently in a Sunday service format. Citizens is a decentralized, missional church. What that means is that we believe the life of the church extends far beyond the Sunday gathering. We are seeking to “be” the church every day, throughout our week, living in community, preaching the gospel regularly to one another in small settings, and creating spaces for mission where the people of God can engage with those who don’t follow Jesus. Gospel, Community and Mission existing alongside one another in beautiful ways.

We do gather every Sunday, but 2 of those gatherings are in Missional Families. In these smaller settings in homes, we worship, pray, take The Lord’s Supper, study God’s word and talk about our unique mission to bring the gospel to the people God has placed in our path in San Francisco.

Will it always be this way?

Our plan is to slowly add more Sunday gatherings as we multiply more Missional Families throughout the city. Currently we are planning to add a 3rd service in June, and by the beginning of 2018 go to every Sunday.

The Basics: Location, Time, & Kids

Citizens gathers every 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday at 2060 Hayes St. (Just north of the Panhandle at New Traditions Elementary School).

Our services begin at 10:00am and last 75 minutes. Each week, we strive to offer quality music, thoughtful teaching, and sincere community. Atmosphere and dress is casual, so come as you are!

For families with children, Citizens Kids offers age-appropriate play and learning with trained volunteers in a safe, fun environment. Citizens Kids is a great place to make friends and learn about who Jesus is.

Read below for more details.

How To Get Here

If you’re taking public transit, we are close to the 5, 33, 21 and 24 bus lines. Lyft and Uber drivers are always close.

If you’re driving, there is a parking lot available on the south side of New Traditions on Hayes between Cole and Clayton.

+ When should I plan to get there?

People will be arriving between 9:30am and 10:00am. If you arrive early, you will probably find us praying together before the service. We invite anyone to come early to join us for prayer or even receive prayer.

+ What do I do while I wait for everything to start?

Check out the information table in the back. There will be someone to talk to, information to take home, and a selection of books that have shaped the vision and convictions of our community.

+ How do I enroll my kids in childcare?

If you have children elementary aged or younger, then check them into Citi-Kids at the information table. One of our volunteers will guide you through the process and walk you and your children to the children’s area next to the auditorium. (And before you come, read “What My Kids Can Expect” with them.)

+ My kids are too old for Citi-Kids, or not interested. What can they do?

For older kids and for those who would rather sit with their parents, we have Sunday Coloring sheets, crayons, and lollipops in the back. The coloring sheets are listening guides for kids that help them to stay engaged in the Sunday service. On the way home, they also provide a great way to talk with your kids about what they saw and heard.

+ What’s a typical worship service like?

At Citizens, we always open with songs that walk through the basic gospel story: that God is all good, we are not, but Christ saves freely. Afterwards, we take a short break to welcome one another. A pastor will then teach from a section of the Bible, seeking to explain it and relate it to life in San Francisco. Then, we finish with the Lord’s Supper, an opportunity for Citizens members to give financially, and a couple more songs. We close with a benediction, “a blessing for the road.”

+ Do I have to [sing, stand, talk, take communion, give money, etc.]?

You are our guest and are welcome as you are. There is wide freedom to participate (or not) in each aspect of our worship. In particular, communion and giving is offered for those who believe in Jesus Christ and are able to do so in faith and with joy.

+ If I like it, what’s next?

Sunday Worship, while vital, is only one expression of Citizens Church. If you like it, come back and see us again! But be sure and fill out a Connect Card and get in touch with a Missional Family Leader. We are convinced that church is a people, not a building or an event. Joining a Missional Family is the best way to get to know us as a people.