A Family of Servant Missionaries



We have a vision for Citizens Church that we believe has been given to us by God Himself, from The Bible. When casting a vision for a church, it is tempting to begin by saying, "We are going to...", and then mention distinctive actions we will take. This is a great place to end, but not where we want to begin. We begin not by asking what we will do, but by asking who God is, what He has done, and therefore, who we are. We believe that all actions emerge from core identities, that people always behave as a result of who they truly believe they are.



Who is God? God is one God in three persons. The first person in the triune Godhead is God the Father who has lovingly adopted people into His family. Because of who He is and what He has done, we are now members of His family. This makes us want to be good family to one another and to others. Citizens is not a business, an institution, or even a non-profit organization. What is most core to our collective identity is that we are a Family. We want to invite people to experience the love of an adopted family, no matter how messy, broken, marginalized, or unwanted they are. Are you broken, struggling, unlovely, cast down, messy, bringing baggage with you? That's okay, so are we. All are welcome here. the Family of God is available to anyone and everyone.



God is Jesus the Son, creator of the earth, who came to His earth to serve mankind and all of creation. He served us all the way to the point of giving His own life for us. Because of this, we are now servants. We want to serve Him, each other, and the people He has placed in our path. Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. This is crucial to our identity at Citizens, from the leadership down to every member. We are seeking to have a posture of genuine servanthood. We are committed to meeting needs within our own community, as well as within the neighborhoods of San Francisco, serving the poor, the widow, the disabled, the broken, the hurt, the depressed, and the addict. These are the people we are hopeful find a home at Citizens. We are these people. We need each other. We need you. We want to serve you, and also be served by you, because you have something beautiful and unique to give us that we cannot otherwise find without you, because you are uniquely created in God's image.



God is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit sustains the creation, and empowers Christians to live as missionaries who tell people about Jesus. If you aren’t a Christian, don't worry, we are not trying to “convert” you. We aren’t a timeshare salesman, or in multi-level marketing. You aren’t our project, or our “mission”. We don’t get extra points with God if you become a Christian. We are newscasters. We believe in this man named Jesus. We believe He lived, died, and came back to life, and since He did, He is God, and should run our lives for us. We believe in an ancient text called the Bible and we submit ourselves to it. This has radically changed our lives. We want to tell you about that. We want to “deliver the news”. You can push back, tell us we are crazy, argue with us, or whatever. We still want to do life with you, and welcome you to engage in our community at whatever level you would like. We have tried to create lots of different types of spaces, some where we talk a lot about Jesus, and some where we don't talk about Him at all, so that you feel like you can get to know us regardless of the "God conversation".



Georgia Lee – Director of Ministries

Dave Ainsworth – Elder


CJ Bergmen – Elder

David Flores – Director of Worship


Worship Service – 2060 Hayes St.

The first 3 Sundays of every month


The Meal

Every other Sunday night, we gather to eat a meal together. There is nothing "churchy" about this gathering. We simply get together with people from all walks of life; different ages, beliefs, races, etc... to do something that unites us all, eat food.


Pancakes in the Park

Every Monday morning we hang with some of our friends who live in Golden Gate Park. We have some pancakes and build community. We would love for you to come along sometime.


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